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Network Charlotte is a group for those with business interests and/or connections to Charlotte, North Carolina. It is a site for those who believe in the mutual benefit of networking and want to be aware of local opportunities to share ideas and build win/win relationships.


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fjurae Hello Charlotte, I am in need of helping 10 people. I need to help 10 people protect themselves and their family members. I am with LegalShield, I am an associate that offer legal and identity theft benefits to businesses and families. I also help companies save with our group enrollment, please feel free to contact me if I could be of service or help to you and yours. Thank you, Jurae Ferguson
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David Cauble Network Charlotte Collaborative Meet & Greet - September 23d!  Join with Network Charlotte and Charlotte Business Owners for an evening of networking at Buona Vita Restaurant and Bar.  Details on our event page http://cauble.us/1NZFdE6 or at Socialvents http://www.socialvents.com/event/9428318/Network+Charlotte+Collaborative+Meet+%26amp%3B+Greet
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