The purpose of Network Charlotte is to promote networking opportunities in the Charlotte, North Carolina metro area.  Our 50,000 + members have joined through various social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others where we maintain a presence. 

Network Charlotte is for those with business interests and/or connections to Charlotte.  It is a group for those who believe in the mutual benefit of networking and want to be aware of local opportunities to share ideas and build win/win relationships.

While every Network Charlotte event is memorable, many attendees appreciate receiving a digital notebook following the event.  Successful networking requires follow-up and the digital notebook facilitates that!  Each edition contains information on those attending, along with links to their LinkedIn profile.  The digital notebook also provides sponsors the ability to inexpensively support Network Charlotte while promoting their business.  Click here for an example from our November 2017 event.

 Networking in Charlotte, North Carolina